New @ Omigawd! Phat Azz Appliers & more!




Check out my Marketplace page for each Item to see where to get the actual clothes etc.
Also, updated a tattoo I've had for a while. Had a few notecards from customers wanting a verson without the rawr on the chest, and so I fixed it up. Plus put a Phat Azz appliers in there as well, and it is Mesh Breast Friendly! :D


New hand-drawn Tattoos!

I personally drew these tattoos XD used my new wacom bamboo splash tablet & sketchbook pro <3
I really looove how they turned out & hope all you guys like them too.

Get Them HERE :D


Hello Everyone! from Omigawd

Been wondering what I've been up to? I know I haven't updated or made anything in a LONG time, it was becuz I got burnt out on SecondLife dunno if any of you know how that is or not. It happens to me with games too, if I play them too long. Well why I'm typing this post is I was wanting ya'll to know I'm trying to get back into making clothes etc. I've also gotten a bit better at photo editing..well at least I hope I have :D Check out my Flickr or Fbook to see my latest photos. Also, I've been practicing up on my drawing with my new Wacom Bamboo Splash Tablet..I loooove it to death! lol. To see what I draw and stuff ~> My Deviantart & My Socity6 :) .. and I've also been somewhat designing friend's blogspots, (always post photos on fbook about them) I like designing stuff..tbh I like all kindof of creative stuff. Making some Panda Fleece hats for the first time for my nieces. Alright with that note I'm going to get to something.. hoping I can find my spark in making clothes etc for sl. Thx All who actually read this :D Ik its a bit much.

note: that if i dont get back into clothing..im still pretty much into photos..so if u have a pic with a green screen send me the link or something and i might try editing it :D



New Midnight Madness Skins @ Omigawd!

Goish I enjoy designing little skins/textures for things..I'd do it for a living if I could LOLz :)

Check out my Marketplace for more Examples!
Also, purchasable Inworld -> Taxi


Omig!'s in The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt!

Wanna know Hints/Prize Pics? Click Here

What I'm Wearing:

❤ My Body~

❥ Skin:  Al Vulo! Eleonor - natural sunkissed
❥ Breast:  Lolas Tango
❥ Freckles:  [My Dear] freckles tattoo
❥ Eyes:  .id. - July Gift
❥ Ears:  Mandala - Female Stretched Ears -Omimi-
❥ Hair:  [e] - Show - Essentials Collection
❥ Makeup:  AlterEgo Panda Addict - face (in outfit)

 My Clothes~

❥ Top:  [Omigawd!] Kawaii Panda Top shown above
❥ Pants:  unknown
❥ Shoes:  D&G Fashions Stomperz Boots Black

❤ Accessories~

❥ Nails:  deer hand set #1 female
❥ Piercings:  :Hebenon Vial: Anonymous [Frost]
❥ Necklace:  Izzie's Panda Necklace (mesh)
❥ Bangles:  TP!B Chained Love Bangles
❥ Belt: AlterEgo Revenge Belt